Kids Inc. made a big news on Tuesday afternoon, announcing a partnership with the Turn Center to include all children in sports programs.

The newly formed Kids Inclusion is designed to mix children of all ages into a sports curriculum. The idea behind the program is that all children regardless of mental or physical disability, diagnosis or natural skill set deserve to play sports.

Turn Center Executive Director Bruce Moseley first approached Kids Inc. President and CEO Jimmy Lackey about teaming up a year ago.

"They've been doing this in Elk City, Okla.," Moseley said. "It's called Dream World. If they can do it in Elk City why can't we do it here?

"So Jimmy and I met with special education teachers and the community got involved. We researched other models and here we are."

Moseley is no stranger to Kids Inc., coaching Special Olympics and other Kids Inc., teams over the years.

His vision has always been to give every child a chance at experiencing team camaraderie. That's exactly what he's getting to see through.

“In our opinion, every child deserves to play sports and have fun," Moseley said. "Some of these children all love sports but have nowhere to play. But now we’re giving them an opportunity to have that feeling to play on a team, and that sportsmanship."

Kids Inc. Program Assistant Tasha Sims is helping spearhead the partnership. This is a vision Sims has wanted to see happen for a long time and is thrilled to see it become a reality.

“I think this is so neat because we’re involving the Inclusion kids with our kids that usually compete with us," said Sims, who has been with Kids Inc. for 15 years. "The union will take us pretty far. I’m excited that I get to deal with the kids at the Turn Center. Combining the programs is pretty awesome.”

Parents interested in signing their children up for registration can go to








Safety is always our number one priority and precautions have been put in place to ensure the safest atmosphere for your children. All coaches and volunteers will complete a training that focuses on typical occurrences you may see with certain diagnoses as well as evidence-based inclusion practices and strategies. Teams will be divided as evenly as possible at a required “open practice” prior to the beginning of each season. Rules and modifications for each sport will be made by a team of therapists from the Turn Center as necessary. Rules and modifications will vary based on each participant if needed, however the basic game rules will remain in place.