PROSPER — Kat Rogers had one goal heading into her senior season this year: leave a lasting impact on the Prosper High School soccer program.

“I wanted to get to the point where I felt that I was leaving the program with people who could continue the standard that myself and players before me have tried to set,” Rogers said.

After playing in her final game as a member of the Lady Eagles varsity soccer team back in April, the senior did just that. Rogers led the team in points — 42 — propelled by a team-leading 16 goals and 10 assists. She was named the District 14-5A Most Valuable Player and made the all-region team.

And last week, she was invited to compete in the 2018 TASCO Senior All-Star Game.

Her response to the massive success she racked up in her senior year alone?

Humility, at its finest.

“I didn’t necessarily care about how many goals I should score or what awards I wanted to receive,” she said. “I knew that we’d have a lot of new people on the team compared to my junior year, so my main goal for my senior year was to get the newer players to have confidence in themselves and not compare themselves to last year’s team.”

This is a selfless but unsurprising act from a leader who has been developing her skills as a player and a role model for years.

Rogers began playing competitive soccer at the age of seven as a member of Texas Spirit. She quickly advanced up the club soccer ladder to play for Solar, before switching to Defeeters and eventually Sting Soccer Club, who she has spent the last five years with.

The defensive midfielder has been a member of the PHS varsity program all four years of her high school career, and even as an underclassmen, Rogers showed signs of potential as a leader.

“We knew early on that Kat was going to be someone that could help build this program,” former girls head coach Rafael Flores said. “I remember talking with my assistants when she was in seventh grade that she was someone we thought that could step right into the program and contribute.”

Even her parents knew about Roger’s future as a soccer player; her mother, Stacey, said she always saw potential her daughter as a leader.

“We knew early on that whatever she put her mind to do, she would do it to the fullest extent,” her mother said. “She works so hard on and off the field on her craft, and we couldn’t be more proud.”

Now, Rogers has the opportunity to check another box off her list before heading to the University of Alabama for college — the All-Star Game.

She will represent Prosper as a part of Region 2 in one final opportunity to play as a high school soccer player. But like every other game Rogers has played, the invitation means more than just a game.

“This game is one of the best ways I could ever close out my high school career. Looking back, I’ve grown so much as a person and as a player,” she said.

And of course, being the humble player and person she is, Rogers couldn’t go without thanking some of the most important people in her life — her coaches and teammates.

“I wouldn’t be here without my teammates, and coaches, so I’m humbled that I get to represent them and our program one more time at the event,” Rogers said.

As a mother, Stacey said she couldn’t ask for a better experience for her daughter, who has already accomplished so much in her life. “It sounds cliche’ to say you hope your child is healthy, happy and secure — but its the truth. Kathryn knows what she wants from life, and we’ve loved watching her develop into the amazing young woman she is today,” she said.

“The athletics program at Prosper is amazing — so many kiddos are going on to the collegiate level and we are so very proud Kathryn is one of them,” she added. “Her dad and I are looking forward to watching her continued growth as a player and a woman at the next level.”

The All-Star Game will take place on Saturday, May 12. Rogers will play for the Region 2 team, which includes schools from eight different districts. Her game will be played at 12 p.m. at San Marcos High School.

“This is a really nice cherry on top for Kat’s career. As a four year letterman, a team captain for three years and someone who has won team MVP since her freshman year, this is just another accolade for her in a long list,” Flores said.

Though the game officially marks the end of her career as a Lady Eagle, Rogers said she is more than happy to lace up her boots one final time for her school.

“While I’m so excited to see what Alabama has in store for me, I wouldn’t trade the memories I’ve made playing high school soccer for anything and I can’t wait to make one more,” Rogers said.

Flores knows the impact she has left on the Lady Eagle program, and has no doubt she’ll continue to be an inspiration to others long after she’s gone.

“Kat has been a leader on and off the field and has a true passion not only for the game, but for her teammates as well,” Flores said. “She is quick to give them lots of credit for what she has accomplished, and has put in countless hours to improving her game and doing what is best for the program. She has definitely left her legacy on the program, and raised the bar for future Lady Eagles.”