Five Prosper residents competed in the Boston Marathon on Monday.

Rachel Paape had the best effort with a time of 3:18.26 that put her 4,973rd overall, 699th among women racers and 629th in her age division.

Robert Watling had a time of 3:28.56, which was 7,639th overall, 5,919th among male racers and 1,054th in his age division.

Kristina Palmer Shedd had a time of 3:59.51 and was 15,843rd overall, 6,095th among women and 722 in her age division.

Kelli Watling finished in 4:02.58 and was 16,474th overall, 6,485th among women and 1,165th in her age division.

Jennifer Lesko had a time of 4:46.28 that put her 21,925th overall, 9,565th among women and 1,520th in her age division.