GAIL -- Gail is one of those place where you have to wonder if there's something is in the water.

Between football, basketball and baseball, the Borden County athletics program has been to four consecutive state level settings. It might get to six if basketball makes it back to San Antonio with a run later this month and if the baseball team finds its way back in Round Rock after last season's breakthrough.

A lot will be written before now and then, but the Coyotes football team was able to repeat and the basketball squad is a two-loss team despite a one-day runway to get ready for the campaign.

No one's talking about baseball right now, though. Pretty much every athlete that will be tasked with getting the school back to Round Rock is tied up with a basketball playoff run that will begin later this week following a first-round bye for winning District 12-1A.

Even skipper Bubba Edwards. He's also the head basketball coach.

"It seems like it's a 30-minute drive everywhere from Gail whether you're getting a gallon of milk or a Diet Dr. Pepper," Edwards said. "So, during that 30-minute drive there and back, sometimes I'll wonder and kind of think about where somebody might go on the diamond. Maybe what might be our rotation. That's really the extent of thinking about baseball right now."

The Coyotes' basketball run last season cost them all but one non-district game. It didn't matter.

Edwards and Co. went 8-2 in District 6-2A and thrived in the Class 1A state playoffs outscored their first three opponents 55-13. There's no 1A regular season.

Fayetteville ended the short season in the state semifinal round.

"It's probably the chemistry," Coyotes senior ace Trace Richey said. "There's no 'I' on the team. We all have one job, and that's to make it as far as we can make it. But no one is talking about it right now. We have one goal in basketball right now and that's where we're focused."

Trace Richey won the Lone Star Varsity Class 1A Player of the Year on the football Super Team in December and is a starter on the basketball team.

Once Borden County transitions, there are some personnel issues to overcome.

Six starters graduated off the state semifinalist team. However, the Coyotes have added former Cisco pitcher Zane Allen to the mix.

"The thing is, I like who we can fill it with," Edwards said. "Trace's class, there's three seniors that haven't played since they were sophomores. They're going to come out and play this year and won't skip a beat. Even though it's a skill sport, they're so competitive. ... Then we've got a couple of sophomores and a pretty good freshman class. They're going to have to step up. But at this level, pitching is really key and Trace is one of the best pitchers in Class 1A."

The Coyotes' season will tentatively begin March 6 against Seminole's junior varsity team.

Not so fast, though. The basketball state tournament begins March 8, and Borden County intends to be there.

"We don't take two days off," Edwards said. "I don't even take the basketball stuff up. They just take their backpacks, throw it in my closet and we're headed out to the next sport."