PROSPER — Prosper High School sophomore Lexie Bell has always loved sports. From the time she was little, she has always been connected to the sport of softball. She started tee ball when she was four, followed by a under-12 little league team. She took a short break before realizing her passion for the sport.

“I played on a team that was awful, we only won a single game in two seasons,” Lexie said. “It helped me because I played every inning of every game and got a lot of reps.”

She switched to playing for a much more reputable club team, Texas Elite Bancroft 16 Gold, where she still plays today. It was here that she noticed her true talent, and college coaches started taking notes as well. It was also when she started focusing more on the recruiting process.

Over the last few years, she has continued her club career and attending softball camps to get noticed, but an L4 spinal injury sidelined the sophomore for a while. Despite the injury, it didn’t keep her from chasing her dreams.

Because of the NCAA’s recruiting rules and Lexie’s age, she must follow strict recruiting rules when coming into contact with college coaches. She is allowed to call or email them, but the two parties are unable to talk with one another in person until the athlete, Lexie, is 16 years old. Regardless, Lexie continued to communicate with various programs across the country.

“I would send emails introducing myself, and would also attach a portfolio that had all my information on it,” she said. “I emailed the head coaches, assistant coaches, and recruiting coaches with my updated schedule every week.”

Schools such as Louisiana Tech, UT Tyler and Lamar were all interested in signing Lexie, who is a two-year member of the varsity at Prosper High School.

“Last season the two colleges looking at me the most were Southern Miss and Creighton,” she said.

She built a connection with the coach at Creighton, but a move to a new university forced Lexie to make a decision. She decided to commit to St. Edwards University, where the Creighton coach made her new home. She has since spent her time improving on her craft and preparing for the upcoming softball season.

“I put in a lot of work to be the best I can be, but I’m still not there. I do my best to hit on my own whether it’s at my house or coming in the mornings at school and hitting.”

“I’ll also go to a field and hit or have my dad hit to me in the outfield,” she added.

Aside from family and friends, Lexie has had several other important figures in her life influence her decision to play college. She said her coaches have taught her a lot about the game and how to excel at the next level.

“My hitting coach Ricardo Cantu has helped me all along the way,” she said. “I have a really big swing that coaches recognize and remember me by, and Ricardo has helped me to control it and get as much power into it as possible.”

Although softball has been at the center of her life for years, she knows she will eventually have to make a decision on a major. She said she enjoys business and marketing, as well as science and math, which is why she chose St. Edwards.

“St. Edwards is a private school with an awesome science department, so I think I’ll get a really good education out of it. My mom is really excited about that.”

But for now, she is just focusing on her second season with Prosper, something she is really excited about. And while she still has quite a ways to go before she can move onto her college career, she knows that it will be a tough transition leaving behind some of her closest friends and teammates.

“I’ll miss the girls and the relationships and the closeness between us,” she said. “I will also miss the coaching staff, they have done a great job of keeping us responsible, respectful, and motivated.”

Lexie will start her second year with the Lady Eagles in the spring, where she will play as a center, middle infielder or an outfielder. She will also continue to play with her club team.