It’s not often that an OB-GYN doctor has a chance to see two of their patients as adults.

For Dr. Timothy Parker, circumstances are different. He got the chance to see two young men whom he delivered more than two decades ago face off in a college football bowl game.

One of them is his son, Will, a punter for Louisiana Tech and Denison native. The other is Justin Lawler, a highly acclaimed defensive end from Pottsboro now playing for Southern Methodist University. The Bulldogs faced the Mustangs in the Frisco Bowl on Wednesday, Dec. 20.

“You don’t always get to see the kids,” Dr. Parker said. “It’s amazing to realize that it was those little babies that I delivered 20 years ago. It’s really special.”

Parker delivered children as an obstetrics and gynecology specialist for nearly 25 years before moving on to specialize in gynecology six months ago. Before then, he worked in other areas as well, including pediatrics. He also served as chief of staff for an extended period.

Parker said he often runs into the mothers he has worked with in the past and catches up with them on how their children are doing. However, getting to see multiple kids do what they do best is a blessing.

It won’t be the first time Dr. Parker has seen Will play. He and other close family members have traveled to nearly every home and away game this season and, with the luck of the draw, got the opportunity to see Will and the rest of the team play in Frisco for the bowl game.

Louisiana Tech had possibilities of playing in either Albuquerque or New Orleans. Ultimately, they were placed in Frisco, giving the Parker family a chance to gather about 25 friends to see the game.

“This is so convenient for us,” Dr. Parker said. “It really makes it neat because they can all come and see them play.”

Will Parker is Louisiana Tech’s punter and placeholder during field goal kicks. He did not get any playing time his first few years in Ruston, but has taken advantage of his opportunity in 2017.

“It’s an opportunity to show everyone what I’ve been up to,” Will said. “They get to come back and see what we’re about. I’m excited to see them.”

Will chose Louisiana Tech over other local schools, a place that has some family influence — Dr. Timothy Parker’s father-in-law, Jerry Hudson, was an All-American tight end at Louisiana Tech in 1961. Getting the chance to play against a Dallas-area school only adds to the galore of the event for Will and the Parker family.

“Growing up, you knew the history of SMU and how good they were back in the day,” Will said. “It’s good to play against them because in high school, they saw me and didn’t really recruit me. It’s kind of a chip on our shoulder.”

Louisiana Tech went on to win the Frisco Bowl with a blowout 51-10 victory over SMU.