On Friday, September 1, Prosper celebrated Future Eagle Night, in which the team encouraged younger players to come out and become more involved with the girls and the program. After the game, the team handed out posters, signed autographs and took pictures with the future stars of Prosper.

Celebrations aside, the Lady Eagles focused their attention on a familiar opponent in McKinney Boyd. Not only is Boyd tough competition, but they have a slight advantage due to their coaching staff: Boyd head coach JJ Castillo was formerly Kauffman’s assistant coach at Prosper.

“[Castillo] was my assistant here at Prosper for the past four years, so she knows our team better than anyone,” Kauffman said about the matchup. “We [had to] prepare extra because I knew she would have her girls prepared… no one else will know our team as well as her.”

Friday’s match against Boyd was much more interesting match-up for the Lady Eagles. Boyd been known for their strong defensive presence on the court; as a much smaller team, they have perfected their game plan and rarely let balls touch the ground, which made it more difficult for Prosper to score. Kauffman said all the sets were close rallies until point 20, when the Lady Eagles would pull away.

Despite a strong Boyd team, ultimately Prosper was victorious. Their strong offensive players were too much for the visitors to handle, as Killinger and Hecht again led the team’s stats. Kauffman said the team stuck to the Prosper game plan and executed well in the match.

“Both CiCi and Haley played really well offensively, and Gramly led both teams in blocks,” she said. “Kayla Martin and Morgan Monroe both played great defense.”

The victory was a total team effort, and pushes Prosper’s win column to 24-5 overall for the season. They have recorded 19 sweeps in the 29 total games played this year. They will take on JJ Pearce in Richardson on Tuesday, Sept. 5 at 6:30 p.m.