AUSTIN – For the first time, the Texas Girls’ Coaches Association has chosen a Prosper cheerleader to participate as an All-Star cheerleader in Austin.

The Texas Girls’ Coaches Association was established in 1953. The goal of the organization is to provide opportunities for the best talent around the state to come together and compete against one another in an all-star battle. Each sport participates in an annual All-Star game, which takes place at different times during the year. The tournament has occurred for years, with the most notable sports — basketball, soccer, softball, etc. — showcasing the best female athletes across the state.

This year, however, the All-Star game was ground breaking.

For the first time in the history of the All-Star games, the committee added cheerleading to the line-up. Coaches from different areas of Texas nominated cheerleaders at their respective high schools. The cheerleaders nominated were then sent to the Texas Girls’ Coaches Association, who voted on a list of 22 All-Star cheerleaders who would perform at one of the All-Star events this year.

That list included Prosper cheerleader Lexie Thompson.

“I was excited and nervous when I first found out I was going,” Thompson said. “I was happy to know that people hand-picked me to be with some of the top cheerleaders in the state, but I was also nervous because I knew I had a big role to fill and didn’t want to mess up.”

Thompson was nominated by her Prosper cheer coach Julie Brantley.

She made the trip to Austin and begin preparation for her performance on July 12. She and the rest of the squad trained hard to learn a routine for the halftime performance of the All-Star basketball game. Again, this was the first time for the All-Stars to include cheerleading, so the routine had to perfect.

“We all came together and had a limited amount of time to learn a band dance, fight song, cheer, and stunts before we had to perform,” Thompson said. “We cheered for basketball and performed our routine during half time.”

Lexie’s mother, Carrie Thompson, was overcome with joy to see her daughter performing at such a prestigious event.

“It means a lot that all the hard work she puts in and growing in the sport is actually paying off for her,” she said. “She puts in many, many hours of practice a week and she’s done it for years. She’s given everything she has to the sport, and it’s a great honor to have her noticed.”

Lexie will be a senior this year at Prosper High School. She has cheered for the school for three years now, and also competitively cheers for Spirit of Texas. She said she looks forward to cheering her last year as an Eagle cheerleader, and cherishes her time at the All-Stars.