From Staff Reports

Residents of Prosper are once again reminded that the Town remains in Stage 3 of the water conservation plan and that certain restrictions on water use, especially with respect to outdoor irrigation, are in effect, according to Tristan Cisco, Water Conservation Education Coordinator.

"It’s more important now, than ever before, that Town residents be cautious about their water consumption. We must be firmly committed to avoiding waste in every respect. And, since the majority of waste occurs outdoors, we all have to monitor our use," she said. Prosper’s water storage and distribution capability is five million gallons a day, and the Town has come precariously close to that total several times in the recent past.

Chief among the Stage 3 restrictions is the day schedule for automatic irrigation. Residents must not employ their automatic sprinkler systems between 5 a.m. and 7 p.m. to avoid evaporation. And, in keeping with published watering schedules:

n retail businesses, industrial and commercial customers may water on Mondays,

n residences (single-family, multi-family, townhomes, duplexes and apartments) with an address ending in an even number may water on Tuesdays,

n schools, churches, parks, open spaces, medians, and non-residential areas may water on Thursdays, and

n residences (single-family, multi-family, townhomes, duplexes and apartments) with an address ending in an odd number may water on Fridays.

"Area lakes from which the water we purchase and distribute is harvested are down significantly, and we still cannot harvest any water from Lake Texoma because of the zebra mussels. So, the only real way for us to make our water supply last longer is through conservation," she said.

To assist with the dissemination of information related to water conservation, the Prosper Block Leader Program has been instituted. Block Leaders are volunteers from the various subdivisions and homeowner associations who amplify the Town’s efforts at sharing information with their neighbors about the importance of water conservation.

The first meeting of the Block Leader Program was Monday, Aug. 19.

"We are very hopeful that the message of water conservation is taken seriously and that people understand that water is a limited resource that is not renewable. Remember, the water we save today will be there for our use tomorrow," said Cisco.