From Staff Reports

The Town of Prosper will have one contested council seat in the May elections. The place 1 seat held by incumbent Mike Korbuly will be up for re-election in the election this spring. Korbuly won a special election in October to replace former council member Dave Benefield. Benefield’s seat was set to expire this year, so Korbuly has to run again.

Korbuly will face off against Jack Dixon for the seat.

Mayor Ray Smith and council member Meigs Miller are running unopposed for their seats.

Early voting by personal appearance takes place starting on April 29 and ends on May 7. Early voting locations will include the Prosper Town Council Chambers, 108 W. Broadway, and the Denton County Elections Office for Denton County residents.

On Election Day, May 11, voting will take place at the Prosper Community Library, 700 Coleman St. in Prosper. Polls on Election Day will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The Press asked both candidates for place 1 to fill out a questionnaire about the upcoming election.

Here are their responses:

Mike Korbuly


Vice President, F. E. Moran Security Solutions

Position you’re running for:

Prosper Town Council Place 1

Previous experience with city or school district:

Prosper Town Council Place 1, 2012-present

President-Prosper Area Soccer Organization (PASO), present

Vice President-Prosper Area Soccer Organization (PASO), 2009-2012

Prosper High School Shattered Dreams Adult Coordinator

Windmill Playground Community Build Project - Volunteer

U19 Girls Soccer Coach, 1999-present

U8 Girls Soccer Coach, 2009-present

Second Grade Tackle Football Coach, present

Eagle Touchdown Club - At Large Board Member, 2010-present

Homecoming Parade Volunteer, 2011-present

Folsom Elementary PTO Room Parent & Watch Dog

Why are you running?

Prosper is a special place, set apart and distinguished from other towns and cities in the Metroplex by its residents. The members of the community of Prosper chose to live here with the expectation that our Town would continue to provide the amenities, comfort, safety, and quality of life we expect for our families. I want to continue with the efforts I started five months ago. Delivering smart beneficial growth in the developments and businesses that are seeking our town. By delivering to the citizens of Prosper those businesses that share in our same qualities we expect for our families.

What would you like to change?

Change is inevitable with growth. During this period of growth we need strong leaders to voice the opinions of our citizens. I am a citizen that has and will stand up for what I believe in. I will continue to work with the citizens of Prosper and deliver their message throughout our community and to those that seek to do business in Prosper. We all love our "small town charm" and we want to continue to have those that come to our town feel that charm. We have decisions to be made to accommodate such growth. We want the facilities to make our community successful and progressive and need a healthy balance between big businesses without losing our down home charm. History is the building blocks of learning and growth. We must preserve the history of Prosper, from the people which built our town to the buildings and silos that embody our town.

Why are you the best candidate for the position?

In my short five-month term I have consistently demonstrated my ability to support and uphold the principals and platform I campaigned for in the fall of 2012. "During this period of growth we need strong leaders to voice the opinions of all our citizens, not the agenda of one’s political party". On Dec. 31, 2012, I approved agreements for The Town of Prosper’s largest public-private partnership with Mathews Southwest, a 157-acre mixed use development on the Northwest corner of U.S. 380 and the Dallas North Tollway. Plans for the public-private project include more than three million square feet of office, residential, retail, medical, hotel and entertainment space. These are indeed exciting times as many more great announcements are still to come.

In January, after interviewing and meeting with several great candidates, I voted to hire Harlan Jefferson, an incredible leader for our new town manager who has already made a tremendous positive impact. Last month, in keeping with our vision of the Town, I voted against a developer trying to do away with Hike and Bike trails in the Lakes of Prosper Subdivision. As recently as our last council meeting I challenged town staff to work together with developers and Prosper ISD on a plan repurposing a site slated for a park dedication in order to find a way to not only add a park but also a much needed elementary school.

I am dedicated to persevering in my efforts toward the building of a veteran’s memorial, downtown revitalization, preserving the history of Prosper, and continuing to grow the relationship between the Town and Prosper ISD.

Endorsements received:

My Family

Lanny Cox, President PYSA

Drake Dunn, Past President PYSA

Kim Gee, Past President Eagle Touchdown Club

Prosper Lacrosse

Shawn and Erin Clayton

Melissa Randle

Jerry and Cathy Miller

Johnny Warren

Jack Dixon


Currently retired after a 42 year career in Data Processing.

I might add that the last 7 years of my career were spent as a

Technical auditor for a major service provider for government and

state Data Processing services. I have a great deal of experience

with government and state service contracts.

Position you’re running for:

Place 1 Town Council

Previous experience with city or school district:

I have been actively involved in Town Council meetings and Comprehensive Plan planning sessions by voicing concerns of my fellow Prosper residents and neighbors for the past year and a half.

I have also been very active with the Lakes of Prosper HOA in addressing issues and concerns for my neighborhood with council.

I was appointed Committee Chairman by the Prosper Historical Society to build our Veterans Memorial to honor all men and women who have served to keep our nation free. The Veterans Memorial project has progressed to a point of having an approved design. A formal presentation will be an agenda item for a future Town Council meeting. A site location and funding will be the next priorities for the Veterans Memorial.

I’m also on the committee to help preserve our Prosper Historical district.

Why are you running?

I want to keep Prosper a rural destination where family values, sense of community, superior schools, and kid friendly neighborhoods remain our primary focus. With our record single family building permits last year our Town is doing something right and I want to keep it that way.

Like many of the Prosper residents my wife and I moved from Frisco to Prosper for the country feel with homes and neighborhoods that weren’t on top of one another. We live in Lakes of Prosper where I know a lot of my neighbors through involvement in HOA activities and where families are out in their front yards often watching their children play. I am a big fan of the Prosper High School baseball team and attend often.

My civic involvement started with a small spark that has now grown into my passion. One of my neighbors invited me to attend a City Council meeting and I began to weigh in on the local issues and ask questions. I have had a lot of favorable feedback from Council and I am passionate about making Prosper the best it can be.

What would you like to change?

I will earnestly fight to ensure our Town’s residential growth stays at a high level of excellence, while at the same time making certain our Town’s retail and commercial growth fits the desires and wishes of our residents.

I want to be proactive about planning our city and listen to the people to find out what they want since everyone does matter.

I would also like to see our Town provide a comprehensive survey of our current residents to verify that our Town continues to grow in the direction that our citizens want. Why did they come here when they could have chosen many other surrounding cities with more amenities?

I would also like to encourage our Town to increase the number of professional staff to levels that will meet our rapid future growth needs.

We need to remember that we have the western boundary of Prosper that can and should be just as important as the currently developed eastern boundary. We need to have sufficient infrastructure such as good roads to support the development that is soon to come.

I would also like to see our east/west connective roads retain the small town charm of two to four lanes with a fully landscaped median. Parts of Prosper Trails is a great example for a rural roadway.

Our Town needs to recognize the importance of out Town’s historical heritage and make our downtown an important historical destination point.

Why are you the best candidate for the position?

Commitment and involvement are the two biggest assets that I bring to the Town Council. I’m totally committed to faithfully serve each of our Town residents. Being a councilman will be my full time job. My auditing background has trained me to dig deeply into every issue and always to be fully prepared.

I really care about my fellow Prosper residents and I want to see Prosper continue to grow and retain that small town feel where everyone does matter. I also have a very good working knowledge of the Town’s Planned Developments. Over 80% of the available land in Prosper has already been zoned with Planned Developments. By working with Council we can ensure that these PD’s will provide the best needs for our Town.

Endorsements received:

I’m honored to have the endorsements of Collin County Constable Shane Williams , Precinct 1, and Collin County Constable Joe Wright Precinct 4. I also have the endorsement of Kelly Cooper and Ann Lieber; co-coordinators of the Prosper Tea Party and that of the PTP’s membership. I’m also endorsed by many friends and neighbors that know my vision for the Town of Prosper.