By Rodney Hays


A suit against the Town of Prosper and several of its employees was dismissed by a federal judge in October. The judge ruled the case had "no merit."

The case brought about by former police officer David Lightfoot was originally filed in December of 2012. The case accused his former supervisors of free speech violations, retaliation for reporting a hostile work environment, defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress.

On Oct. 28, 2013, district court judge Richard A. Schell issued a final judgment adopting and affirming the findings of Federal Magistrate Judge Don Bush, who initially found no merit in the case, dismissing the charges. Judge Schell agreed with Judge Bush and dismissed both the federal and state cases, stating that the objections raised by Lightfoot and his attorneys to Judge Bush’s decision were without merit.

The suit initially named former police chief Kirk McFarlin, assistant chief Gary McHone and former employee Amy Bockes. McFarlin resigned his position this year and Bockes left the town in 2010. McHone remains employed by the Town. The Town denied all allegations relating to Lightfoot’s termination and prevailed at the Magistrate Court and District Court levels.

The action by the District Court effectively brings a close to the case.