From Staff Reports

For some 50 minutes on the morning of Saturday, May 4, about 3,000 bike riders will descend

on Prosper and make their way through Town on Day One of the annual MS Round-Up Ride, according to Town Manager

Harlan Jefferson.

"The ride will start in nearby Frisco and come up the Dallas North Tollway through Prosper. The riders will take a

northerly route along the Tollway and its access road into Celina. Then, it will make its way westward," he said.

Residents wishing to view the spectacle should line the Dallas North Tollway from US 380 to the Town’s

northern limits. The riders will remain on the Tollway as they travel through Town. Planners estimate that the first

riders will enter the southern Prosper Town limits at 7:25 a.m. and the last ones will exit the northern limits no later

than 8:15 a.m. The times are, of course, not precise.

The MS Society Sam’s Club Round-Up Ride is an annual event designed to raise funds in the fight against

multiple sclerosis by funding research and other services supported by the National MS Society. These events aim to pull

together communities by gathering support from local businesses, elected officials, residents, and people living with MS.

"These events are organized by individual MS Society chapters and are coordinated with local municipalities like

Prosper. We are honored to play even a small part in this incredibly important effort to raise funds for MS research,"

added Jefferson.

Those residents who plan to use the Dallas North Tollway or its access roads or the intersection of US 380 and

the Dallas North Tollway on Saturday morning, should be mindful of the riders and exercise caution. More information

on the MS ride is available at