By Rodney K. Hays


The Prosper ISD PTO council, a collective group of all of the district’s parent-teacher organizations, will host an informative presentation about Internet and social media safety for all students on Wednesday, May 15 at the high school.

"The subject title is "How our students’ social media and internet usage can lead to criminal charges?"

Carol Gress, one of the organizers of the event, said "with all the avenues of social media and internet sites that are now available it is crucial to educate our students on the dangers and pitfalls that they can unwittingly fall into. Most students at all ages now have smart phones that give them quick and easy access to the internet — we want to instill in them the importance of thinking before they post a picture or a comment."

The event will feature Cyndi Porter Gore and Jackie Dodd, who are both board certified juvenile attorneys. The speakers will educated students and parents about how a simple Facebook status update can lead to jail time.

"Parents will learn what the issues are that can lead to criminal charges and how important it is to make sure you know what your student is doing on social media and the internet. The speakers will explain how quickly situations can escalate and how students can find themselves in a lot of trouble," Gress said.

Gress said the event is open and beneficial for all PISD parents and students over the age of 13. "Students over 13 are encouraged to attend to hear first hand what the consequences of their actions can result in," Gress said. There is an age restriction because of nature of some of the content.

The event is free, but participants can register through Eventbrite at One lucky attendee will also receive a free laptop at the event. The event is Wednesday, May 15 at 6 p.m. at Prosper High School.