From Staff Reports

The outward appearance of Prosper’s downtown area will be brighter and more inviting

after volunteers complete the task of putting a new coat of paint on four homes, according to Code Compliance Officer

Trish Eller.

"Volunteers are gathering on Saturday, September 14 from 8 a.m. to noon and working to help beautify the

downtown area by sprucing up four houses with a fresh coat of paint. We’re looking for people to come help out. No

special skills are necessary and we’ll supply the materials," she said.

In addition to painting the outside of the homes, volunteers will be gathering refuse, debris, trash and other

unsightly materials and disposing of all of it properly. The effort is tied to the Serve Prosper campaign which seeks to

mobilize volunteers in providing assistance to residents with clean-up and beautification projects.

"The idea is to help these homeowners with a small, individualized beautification program. These are not large

houses, so the work will go very quickly and without a great amount of effort. And, the higher the number of

volunteers, the easier and faster the work will go," she said.

Members of several Prosper churches are participating in the campaign, under the direction of the Prosper Code

Compliance Division.

Individuals and groups wishing to be part of the Sept. 14 Serve Prosper effort should simply arrive at the empty

lot behind Town Hall, 121 W. Broadway on Saturday, Sept. 14 before 8 a.m.

"We, of course, like to say that Prosper is a place where everyone matters, and these kinds of events

demonstrate that we do believe it and actually live it," concluded Eller.