From Staff Reports

Prosper fire marshal Bryan Ausenbaugh answers a few questions about the county burn bans in both Collin and Denton County and how it could affect Prosper residents.

1. All outdoor burning of natural vegetation, trees and limbs for all residents including those with burn permits are prohibited from burning outdoors until the burn ban has been lifted.

Many Prosper residents have expressed concern about how a burn ban affects their plans to cook outdoors.

2. Outdoor cooking.

Outdoor cooking in a safe and approved manner is permitted. Below are the minimum requirements to follow for outdoor

cooking while the burn ban is in effect.

n Gas grills are the safest outdoor cooking option. Keep the flames covered during the operation of your gas grill.

n Charcoal or wood-burning grills, must be placed on a concrete, gravel or dirt surface well away (10 feet) from any

combustible materials. Keep the cover on the grill during use.

n Smokers can be used if they are placed on a concrete, gravel, or dirt surface well away (10 feet) from combustible

materials. Keep the flames covered during use. Smokers may not be transported with hot, burning coals. All fuel

must be completely extinguished prior to transporting.

n Never leave any cooking unattended.

3. Outdoor fireplaces, pottery chimineas, cast aluminum chimineas, cast iron chimineas and approved fully masonry fire pits.

The cooler weather will eventually get to North Texas and many residents will want to get outside and keep warm at the same time. These types of fire pots are permitted for use with a screen in place to prevent any and all embers from escaping. If you have questions about your outdoor fire place, chiminea, or masonry fire pit. Please contact the Prosper Fire Marshal’s Office.

As an extra precaution, be sure to have a water source such as a garden hose, or fire extinguisher nearby in case of an


4. Using lawn equipment and motor vehicles.

Keep mufflers and spark arresters on agricultural equipment in proper working order, and watch out for rocks and metal

when bush hogging or mowing.

5. Welding, cutting or grinding operations.

Where welding must be performed in open areas, the following mitigating efforts will be enforced until the ban on outdoor

burning has expired.

n Obtain a "hot-work permit" from the Prosper Fire Marshal’s Office

n All areas where welding, cutting or grinding operations are being performed must be free of vegetation for at

least twenty-five feet in all directions.

n Surface around welding area must be wetted down prior to work commencing.

n Winds speeds must be no more than 15 miles per hour while performing welding, cutting or grinding

operations outside of barriers or enclosures.

n A dedicated fire watch person will standby at each welder, cutter, grinder and operation any activity that

causes a spark.

n A minimum of one (1) water pressure fire extinguisher per fire watch person is required.

n A minimum of a 100 gallon water tank with 100’ of hose, and a water nozzle capable of extinguishing a fire

must be within reach of all welding, cutting or grinding.

n Each site will have cellular telephone communications for emergency response.