By Rodney K. Hays


During 110 years of existence a lot of history takes place. For Prosper Bank part of that history has been helping cotton farmers and small town business succeed, and along the way a couple of hold-ups by famous bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde thrown in for good measure.

Prosper is fortunate to have several community banks built around calling customers by name and not just a number.

Prosper Bank president Bob Lowrimore said that’s one of the reasons his job is so fun.

"I joined the bank in 2009 and I plan on being here a long time," Lowrimore said. "There is something uniquely satisfying about being in a community bank where the emphasis is on taking care of the customers."

Lowrimore said he has worked for the big banks and caring for the customer is hard.

"It’s not that you don’t want to," he said, "it’s just that they won’t allow you to." Now he can.

Prosper Bank began in July 1903 as the Continental Bank and Trust Company. It was established by H.H. Wilkinson of Fort Worth to serve the booming agriculture industry of the area. In 1905, Texas adopted state banking laws, and the name of the bank was changed to Continental State Bank.

In 1920, the bank changed ownership and the name to Prosper State Bank. The bank survived stock market crashes, depressions, recessions, and for years served the small community of Prosper and the surrounding area.

Bank vice-president Jerrica Anderson said the bank’s success was due to meeting the financial needs in conjunction with railroad stop in Prosper.

Then in the first decade of the 21st century, things started taking off the community and the bank followed suit.

"The sleepy little town and the sleepy little bank is gone," Lowrimore said. "A fast-growing community equals fast-growing bank."

Anderson said the bank also owes some of its success to helping others.

"Prosper Bank has been a cornerstone to the community since the inception of both the bank and the town and stands for those traditions, families, and businesses, which formed the character and reputation of this area in Collin County," she said.

The bank helps families and business by evolving and keeping up with everything from the latest technology to the best rates all the while cutting through much of the red tape involved in banking.

"Most of all, we promise to continue our history of true relationships with the fine people of our communities," Anderson said.

Anderson said the bank is committed to the future of Prosper and North Texas and to providing the best customer service for the community.

The bank actually celebrated its 110th anniversary earlier this month but Lowrimore said the celebration will last throughout the year. He said the bank has events planned to help customers and employees celebration at both the Prosper and Frisco branches of the bank. The bank is located at 805 E. First Street in Prosper.