Our country has been blessed lately - economically, higher GDP, lower unemployment, 8.5 million new jobs - with answers to little rogue nations trying to threaten our citizens.

Since World War I, America has been abused by other countries with trade deals that have cost so many jobs and whole industries.

America has not only accepted being the policeman of the world, we are Santa Claus. We are rich. It’s not bad to lend a helping hand, but our position for years has let our leaders make no effort toward fair treatment by the other countries of the world. We have allowed this attitude to become accepted by both political parties and the press.

It looked like voters were just longing for a chance to stop and restart our government with practical guidelines and goals. The last election actually accomplished that. We would think people would like that. But all the Washington jobs to run that kind of government are gone.

Now many of the people will have to go back home; the press is on the wrong side of the change. Both political parties are out of step with the new approach and are howling. It is all the news can talk about. The American voters seem pleased. But all those on the other side of the change are not just howling - they are trying every thing they can think of to remove our president, who is doing so much good, from being in office. It also appears they would like to hurt him.

Americans, we need to pray for our country and our president.

Arlin Smith