I recently read about another unarmed black man being shot by police.

I do not condone the shooting of an unarmed man for any reason.

I have two questions, though:

Of the unarmed black men shot and killed by police,  how many would still be alive if they had consented to arrest - if they had just put their hands behind their backs and let the officer put handcuffs on them? Since when did it become fashionable to scream "I have not done anything," and take off running?

And when was the last time we saw on television other races of people rioting and looting stores because a person of non-color was shot? Is it fashionable to break into stores, burn buildings and riot when someone of your race is killed?

My advice when arrested is let the handcuffs be applied and take your position to court. You might live to see another day.

Milton Pool