As recent transplants to Amarillo, my wife and I commiserate with Colin Cummings' frustration with the dedication required to recycle in Amarillo. (Cummings: Amarillo’s trash problem is growing, April 15,

We hope to be a part of the movement to get Amarillo on board with curbside recycling through a public/private partnership like the one in the city of Denton, or the entirely municipal program in Austin.

However, I must point out that the recyclables that Mr. Cummings describes - newspaper/cardboard, glass, plastics - do not produce methane and will not solve the methane problem at our landfill. Methane is produced when organic matter - such as lawn clippings, leaves, and kitchen scraps - begins to decompose. These items should not go in a landfill anyway - they can be easily managed on site - either through mulching lawnmowers or composting.  

Monty Newton