There was more talk Tuesday at Amarillo City Council about the city treating the homeless as criminals.

If there is ever going to be a solution as to the best way for the city to address its homeless issue, then logic and reason - combined with the facts - are going to have to be the primary factors.

It is time to stop propagating the myth (if not outright lie, depending on the source) that the City of Amarillo has arrested individuals for living at the so-called "Tent City."

It is simply not true that the city had anyone living at "Tent City" arrested or thrown in jail for living on the premises. Again - this never happened.

The terms "criminalizing homelessness" and "arrested" were used this past Tuesday during the public comments portion of the council meeting. These fictitious claims of police oppression are becoming tiresome - and detract from the goal of helping the homeless in Amarillo.

The truth is the primary reason members of Amarillo Police Department ventured onto the grounds of "Tent City" was not to arrest people for camping, but to respond to calls of possible criminal activity from some of the campers.

There were 31 incidents reported to APD from the area of "Tent City" from this past November to March - an average of about six per month.

The calls ranged from reports of assault to a possible pedophile camping with a 13-year-old runaway.

The fact is APD was not invading "Tent City" trying to enforce an ordinance and throw the homeless in the clink.

APD was responding to calls of possible criminal activity which have nothing to do with whether a person lives in a tent or in a mansion.

If the city is going to address the issue of how to care for its homeless population, then the solution needs to come from individuals who look at the problem from a realistic perspective, and do not throw allegations at the city that are fables or outright nonsense.