Regarding the recent story in Amarillo Globe-News (Father hopes Zoey Zint’s tragic story will not be in vain, March 22,, the death of Zoey Zint was a tragic occurrence that never should have happened.

I doubt, at age 14, that Zoey realized that the pills she took would do far more than ease the pain of betrayal that she felt.

The 14-year-old brain is still a jumble of thought.

The girl that took Zoey's phone and posted stuff about herself on it before spreading it around likely gave little thought, if any, to the consequences of her actions.

Somewhere and sometime there will be a consequence attached to an action.

Zoey's friends who bought into the lies probably didn't wonder if someone had taken Zoey's phone.

This is a tragic event with many casualties.

Something has gone terribly wrong in our world that so many kids have such low self-esteem that they seem to need to hurt someone in order to feel good.

Mary Chumbley