A special joint work session of the Prosper Town Council, Planning and Zoning Commission and Parks and Recreation Board was held Sept. 1 to hear possible plans for a new, exclusive social club and single-family neighborhood.

Craig and Adam James, of James Land & Development, gave the presentation. The social club they plan to build would be called Lakeside.

According to the presentation, the development and social club would be located on the north side of First Street, between Coit Road and Granite Shoal Drive.

The club would be situated on Town Lake, with the neighborhood surrounding to the south, east and west.

"It’s a family social club, a private social club that’s really focused on family, fitness, food and beverage and fun and entertainment," Adam James said. "It does not have a golf course, so it really allows the club to focus on these specific items."

The building of the area would take place in two phases, with Phase One being the club itself as well as some of the larger lots to the west and south of the club.

Phase Two would include the rest of the home development sites, which according to plans would include a section of 40-foot home lots.

The smaller, 40-foot lots were a main point of contention between the developers and the town.

Multiple residents called into the meeting, which was available for viewing and participation via Zoom, and chimed in from Whitley Place, the neighborhood that would border the new development on the east side.

Resident Dennis De Mattei said, "A lot of us moved here in Whitley Place to get away from the small-lot environment … and some of us would like to retire in what we thought Prosper represented."

Several Prosper Town Council members also had reservations about the lots.

"I struggle with a 40-foot product," Council Member Craig Andres said

Adam James defended the lot size.

"Our reason for the forties has really nothing to do with price or anything else," he said. "It has to do with the club. The club needs members to thrive."

By offering smaller lots, the hope is that there will be more families who may also choose to become club members.

However, Adam James also stated that club memberships would not have to rely solely on homeowners in the development, but that they could come from elsewhere,

Whether the development actually needs the 40-foot lots if club members were coming from outside the neighborhood was also discussed.

The special meeting featured a presentation and discussion of the proposed project, so there will likely be more discussion and votes about it in the future.

Additional information about the project is available at prospertx.gov/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/20200901-Joint-Meeting.pdf.