Prosper’s Gateway Monument — currently under construction on Preston Road in front of The Gates of Prosper — will be completed before Thanksgiving. So far, construction has inhibited up to two lanes of traffic; however, according to Dudley Raymond, director of Parks and Recreation, the impact on traffic flow will remain about the same in order to give the contractors a safe place to work.

The Gateway Monument will feature a 28-foot stone pillar, which is often referred to as an obelisk, attached to a 20-foot long corten steel wall. Landscaping will be added later, as it will be funded and installed as part of a grant from the Texas Department of Transportation. Nevertheless, this is not Prosper’s first median monument, and it will not be the last.

“The town formed a visioning committee a number of years ago to help establish an image of the town,” Raymond said. “The Gateway Monument was one thing that was identified that would help define the character of Prosper and set it apart from neighboring communities. From that effort, you will notice that there are a number of roadway monument signs throughout town that are comprised of stone and corten steel. This monument design is similar in style, but as it is on a key gateway, it is much larger in size. There are other monuments, smaller in size, planned for the other major roadway entrances into town.”

In addition to the stone and corten steel duo, the monument will feature several other characteristics that will make it special to Prosper. For example, it will incorporate Prosper’s characteristic three windmill blades, and additionally, will be one of the larger entry monuments in the metroplex.

“I believe that the residents will be happy once it is constructed, and over the years, it will become a part of ‘what’ the town is,” Raymond said. “When a person forms a mental image of Prosper, this monument will come to mind for many. Prosper is growing, as it grows the town officials are trying hard to make sure that all the new growth is very high in quality and that the town attracts the right mixture of high quality desirable businesses and developments to locate within our community. Prosper’s dedication to quality and significance will be a hallmark of what Prosper is.”