Veterans Alliance Resourcing, Inc. recently presented a check for over $104,000 to the Prosper Independent School District for the purchase of used computers.

The check was the result of an active bid solicitation that was won by VAR over dozens of other bidders for the used computer assets of Prosper ISD — approximately 800 used Apple computers between four and eight years old. VAR’s work on this project included providing a full serialized audit of all assets, wiping of all the hard drives — to ensure no data is compromised — sale of the assets to a global used equipment resale channel cultivated by the VAR team over the last four decades and reconciliation and payment by VAR to Prosper ISD.

Although this transaction represents one of the largest settlements by VAR with either a corporation or a school district, it is just one of dozens that VAR has successfully completed since opening its doors in Dallas in February 2018.

VAR is a certified service-disabled veteran-owned business enterprise based in DeSoto that leverages the secondary market connections and computer repair experience of its two principals who actually commute over 200 miles to Dallas each week (one from Edmond, Oklahoma and the other from Elgin, Texas). VAR actively hires veterans and diversity candidates and helps organizations navigate their engagement with the secondary market as it helps them recover value from their used computers and other electronics while also helping the environment by redeploying reusable assets (instead of just recycling them — which carries a much higher carbon footprint).