Over the past few months, several new restaurants have opened in Prosper — some of the most notable including Olive Garden, Raising Cane’s, Panera Bread and the Brass Tap. In addition to these food chains, many others have been approved and are looking to expand in Prosper. McDonald’s is under construction in west Prosper, and there’s a second Chick-fil-A, Panda Express and a Rosa’s Cafe that have been approved, but are not yet under construction.

So far, these new restaurants have had great success since opening in the city.

“We are so excited about our Raising Cane’s location here in Prosper,” Raising Cane’s General Manager Josh Huynh said. “From day one, the response has been amazing. We have already had great success serving Prosper our One Love; quality Chicken Finger meals! We look forward to the new construction around us and continued growth for Prosper and Raising Cane’s.”

In addition to these large food chains, Prosper has also welcomed some new, up-and-coming restaurants, like Chinese Neighbor in the Gates of Prosper.

“”We’re grateful to the community for extending such a warm welcome during our grand opening,” Daniel Lu, founding partner of Chinese Neighbor, said. “Our forecasted growth is definitely on-target, and plans for additional locations are already in the works. We had a hunch that opening our flagship location near the 380 corridor would be a wise move. We knew the immediate area was hungry for casual, high-quality restaurant experiences. Our hunch was right! Signature dishes such as the Dragon Dumpling Burger, Smoked Brisket Fried Rice and Salt & Pepper Fish & Chips are setting new records daily.”

Prosper’s restaurant expansion can be attributed to a number of different factors. One is the increase in population with the Prosper Independent School District bringing in new families and neighborhoods. Another is the expansion of Preston Road accompanied with U.S. Hwy. 380 improvements, allowing for heavy volumes of traffic through the town.

“I think Prosper over the past several years has experienced enough growth that it has transitioned from a bedroom community to a full-service community with enough rooftops to support retail, service and commercial developments,” Planning Manager Alex Glushko said. “Prosper now has multiple grocery stores, and U.S. 380 and Preston Road have good volumes of traffic, and are becoming magnets for restaurants.”

Going forward, the biggest areas for restaurant development are expected to be located along these two major highways. Glushko expects more sit-down restaurants will start to pop up at various intersections along Preston Road and Hwy. 380. The east side of Gates of Prosper at Preston Road and Hwy. 380 is primarily built out, but more restaurants will be added to the second phase on the west side of Preston Road.

“Out in west Prosper is where you’ll see some major, corporate type of restaurants pop up,” Glushko said. “The northeast corner of Gee Road and (Hwy.) 380 is Windsong Ranch Marketplace, and that’s where your McDonald’s is going, that’s where your Chick-fil-A is proposed. That quadrant is kind of already filling out. Then at the very far west end of Prosper, at FM 1385 and (Hwy.) 380, a mixed use development zoning was recently approved, called Westside, and that’s intended to include several sit-down restaurants and a couple drive-through restaurant pads as well.”

As for the area near the Dallas North Tollway, the town has a different plan.

“Although the Tollway is a main thoroughfare through the town, I think the vision of the town is that the tollway is geared more toward hotels and offices, as opposed to restaurants and strip retail,” Glushko said. “I don’t know if we’ll see as many restaurants up and down the tollway until we have the supporting jobs, offices, hotels and those types of uses.”

In addition to these restaurants, a few catering businesses — such as Concetta’s Italian Kitchen and Prosper Pantry — have opened in downtown Prosper. Although there is no on-site dining, they do allow patrons to order food for pick-up.

“What does a restaurant want? They want customers, they want people to frequent their business,” Glushko said. “If a company wants to come in and sell food, I think Prosper offers that because you have plenty of people, high incomes, good traffic volumes, and a good quality of life in the community. I think that for a business, it just seems like Prosper is such a fast growing city with a lot of intangibles that it seems like many restaurants would want to call Prosper home.”