A Town Hall meeting designed to provide general information to residents on the Prosper’s annual budgeting process has been scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 29 at 6:30 p.m.

The meeting, which is slated to last 90 minutes, will be held at Prosper Town Hall, 200 S. Main Street, in the downtown area.

“The Town’s budgeting process is not unlike the one that many households undergo,” Prosper Finance Director Kelly Neal said. “It’s a matter of calculating the revenues we expect during the coming fiscal year and setting realistic expectations on how those funds will be used.”

Budgets for municipalities like Prosper are complex and can be confusing to the average resident, prompting town officials to hold the Aug. 29 Town Hall meeting to answer questions, clarify the process and provide explanations.

“The Town Hall meeting is part and parcel of our commitment to fiscal transparency,” Neal said. “We want to shine a bright light on the process and alleviate any uncertainties that residents may have.”

The Town’s efforts at achieving financial openness have been recognized by national and statewide organizations that monitor governmental agencies. The Government Financial Officers Association has tapped Prosper’s Finance Department with a number of awards in this regard for both the budget process and the financial reporting process over the last several years.

Prosper publishes a Citizens Report on the budget process and makes it available online and in written form, and has even produced a video, providing a light-hearted look at how the budget process touches all aspects of Town governance.

The proposed budget can be viewed at https://www.prospertx.gov/wp- content/uploads/FY19-20-Town-of-Prosper-Proposed-Budget.pdf.