The Prosper high school lacrosse team hosted a benefit game against the Woodlands this past Sunday. Bringing awareness towards colorectal cancer and raising over $3,400 to go towards the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, a non-profit that offers support and funds vital research in the hope to end colorectal cancer entirely.

This cause hits close to home for the Prosper lacrosse family, as head coach Corey Caputos’ mother, Jeanne Caputo, has been going through a courageous battle with the disease. Mrs. Caputo traveled from Florida to be present at the benefit game and check presentation and received nothing but support from the Prosper and Woodland attendees.

More than a few tears were present as both teams came to the center of the field with Mrs. Caputo and coach Caputo to present the check for $3,400 in charitable contributions — the end of the event raised a total of $3,740. A remarkable accomplishment that only cements the willingness to help and provide that is ever-present within the Prosper community.

“This goes way beyond lacrosse,” coach Caputo said after the check presentation, “coming from an area where we were really good at lacrosse, but not that good at being a family as a community; what I’ve seen from the Prosper community has been there unbelievable ability to come together and finding any way to help anyone. I have only been here for eight months, and the fact that we have raised over $3,500 towards an organization that means so much to my family, to me, and my mother, it’s astounding. There are not enough words to say how proud I am, not only towards my guys, but their parents, and the entire community that extends past lacrosse… from me and everyone from my family we would like to thank the Prosper community, as well as the Texas Oilers lacrosse community.”

“Its amazing… there’s really no words for it,” Mrs. Caputo said of the benefit and community support, “its really emotional that he [coach Caputo] pulled this together with all the support from the parents… everyone that I’ve met today has been amazing, its just an unbelievable community and its just touching, its really touching… I feel like I’m home here.”