Roses are red. Violets are blue. Class is fun when poetry is our view!

Ms. Strickland’s 3rd grade class at Spradley Elementary may not be writing such corny poetry as this, but they are learning how poetry allows us to see common objects through different “eyes.”

As an introduction to the unit for writing poetry using the Lucy Calkins Session 1, students were asked to explore how poets look at things in different ways. Students were given a common object and special “poetry glasses” to decorate. They had to look at the object with fresh eyes and see it in different ways. As students considered how common objects could be seen and written about in different ways, their eyes were opened to the symbolism prevalent in poetry. Students made many comparisons such as comparing a seashell to a mountain with a secret passageway, a ribbon to a lizard’s long tongue and a twisty ribbon was compared to a giant squid in the ocean. The students had lots of fun and found some creative ways to express their thoughts.