Most every child has dreamed of becoming an astronaut or traveling to space. Few students get the opportunity to experience what it is like. Ms. Robinson’s 5th-grade social studies and science classes got the opportunity to get as close as earthly possible on March 22nd when watching the Expedition 59 spacewalk as they completed battery swaps for power upgrades.

Ms. Robinson discovered that CNN10 was streaming the most recent spacewalk. Since the curriculum the students were studying involved a unit on the Sun, Earth and Moon, this opportunity provided students with a great visual experience of learning.

This spacewalk was ideal for student observation in that Expedition 59 sits in the low orbit of the Earth so the students were able to actually see Earth and its atmosphere from a distance which was an eye-opening experience for them. Students were also able to watch the sunrise as Expedition 59 flew over Africa and see the Earth’s reflection in the Space Ship.

From a human interest standpoint, the walk was also a small celebration for Women’s History Month as one of the astronauts that were on the walk was a woman.

The next walk will be on April 8, 2019.