In sixth grade at Reynolds Middle School, students had the unique opportunity to combine a persuasive lesson in English with a real-world marketing campaign. Ms. Withers students engaged in a persuasive unit where the students must use persuasive techniques to create advertisements for a product. In the past, students have done advertisements for a new candy bar. This year, though, Ms. Wither worked with Mega Moto, a mini bike company where her husband is VP of Sales for the chance to make it more real life so they could create ads for a company that actually exists. Mr. Withers came and spoke on career day and wanted to do a contest for a bike giveaway. It evolved into a new performance task where all the students participated.

Students had to create a new, creative slogan, t-shirt design, or advertisement that utilized the persuasive techniques that they learned. He looked through each of them and chose the two that were the most creative and showed the most effort. Amanda Whitehurst and Maddox Wagoner were the first and second place winners. They both were awarded gas powered Mega Moto, 105 CC mini bikes. Mr. Withers also created a 25% off discount code for Prosper ISD students. The code is REYNOLDSEAGLES.