The Town of Prosper had a new troop join the ranks of the Collin County Scout Troops. Scouts BSA Troop 982 was launched by a Crossover Ceremony on March 4. Seven girls took part in the ceremony to join the Scouts BSA.

The Committee Chair of the “linked” Troop Prosper Troops Greg Hirsch said Troop 982 is an inaugural, groundbreaking unit. “Troop 982 was one of the first ever Scouts BSA troops for girls and one of only two troops for girls in Collin County.” February 1 was the day that a girl BSA Troop could form.

Hirsch said the enthusiasm of one woman is what got the ball rolling. “The leaders of Troop 289 (Boys) were excited by the passion of Melissa Harris’ vision for a Troop for girls so, as a committee, we chose to do the work to start the new Scouts BSA Troop for girls.”

The Leadership Launch Committee included Melissa Harris (Troop 982 Scoutmaster), Dan Schulze (Toop 289 Scoutmaster), Sloan Ozanne (Charter Organization Representative), and Hirsch. The committee decided to use the linked committee structure so Troops 289 and 982 could share the leadership resources. Once Troop 982 gets up and going, they will eventually create its own committee, Hirsch said.

When this idea first surfaced, there were naysayers who were against the idea of letting girls into the Boy Scouts. Some stated that allowing girls in would ‘weaken the goal of growing strong, moral, respectful men.” However, Hirsch said he educated himself on the matter before he made the decision, and it changed his perspective. “Scouts BSA is new, and like anything new, it takes time to understand it,” Hirsch said.

“Our leadership team also had initial concerns, but then we learned more about the structure and that the troops would be independent. The BSA program at its core is all about creating and environment and a path for our youth to develop skills including creating long-lasting relationships, growing in rank, real-world leadership and outdoor skills.”

For more information, feel free to contact them by email at, or visit the website at Hirsch said Troop 982’s website is still under construction, however, 95% of the information is the same.