Spell genius!

Can I have the definition, please?

Genius: a person of exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability. Genius

Thank you, Genius G-E-N-I-U-S Genius.

That is correct!

For many of us who count on our phones or computers to spell-check for us, the thought of participating in a spelling bee is worse than public speaking fears. Dozens of students from Prosper ISD overcome this fear and find their inner spelling genius to compete. The Prosper District Spelling Bee was held on Wednesday, January 16th, 2019. Students who had placed at the top of their campus bees competed. The championship round was the 50th round with the winning word being “segue.”

The following students were our District Spelling Bee winners who will be advancing to compete in the Collin County Spelling Bee on Feb. 7th in addition to our Campus Champions listed below.

PISD Spelling Bee WinnersBee Winners

1st Place: Naysa Modi, 8th grade at Reynolds MS

2nd Place: Krish Hariharan, 5th grade at Boyer Elem.

3rd Place: Matthew Domingo, 4th grade at Spradley Elem.

Campus Champions

Carson Cooley- 5th Grade at Baker Elem.

Ava Kim- 4th Grade at Cockrell Elem.

Sia Srivastava- 5th Grade at Folsom Elem.

Iffah Afsar- 5th Grade at Hughes Elem.

Jacskson Roberts- 4th Grade at Light Farms Elem.

Rebekah Gomez- 5th grade at Rucker Elem.

Bahar Ramezani- 5th grade at Windsong Elem.

Samuelle Carnelio- 7th Grade at Rogers MS