While Feb. 1 is the official start date for the contract with Community Waste Disposal, known by its initials, the switchover will actually begin on Monday, Jan. 21. That week, each residence will be provided with the same number of new trash carts as it already uses, along with one new recycling cart. The carts belonging to Waste Connections will be collected and removed during the same week. Residents should place all Waste Connection carts out during that week’s collections, whether or not there is anything in them.

Starting on Monday, Jan. 28, the new five-day-a-week service will begin. Information on the boundaries of the five separate collection sectors, along with the day of the week these will receive pickup service, will be distributed via a series of brochures, social media posts, website maps and other methods.

“Residents are served by the Town of Prosper, pay their solid waste fee to the Town, and can direct questions and concerns to the Town’s Utility Billing Department,” said Springer. “However, after the new contract is in place, homeowners will be able to contact CWD’s customer service department directly for issues like missed pickups or other related matters.”

The new five-day-a-week pickup schedule ensures that trucks are within Town limits every day of the week, making it easier to redirect collection trucks in case of missed pickups. Organic yard waste is to be picked up on the day of regular pickup, without the need to call for service. Nevertheless, cut brush, trimmings, leaves, clippings, and small branches must be gathered in biodegradable paper bags, available commercially, and larger brush must be bundled.

Yard waste is recycled for use as mulch.

Monthly bulk trash pickup will continue, and a drop-off point for bulk trash will be established at the Town’s Public Works Center, where the contractor will provide service two Saturday mornings a month. Details on the schedule will be shared later.

Monthly fees will see a slight increase of 17 cents per household with standard service. The new contract has a life-span of five years, with annual inflationary adjustments, and has provisions for lengthening at the discretion of the Town. The contract also sets commercial rates and CWD will meet with commercial customers individually before the start of the new service.