The elementary Gifted and Talented department had special guests recently when the Town of Prosper officials came to share their time and talents with PISD 3rd Grade GT students. Their presentation on city planning gave the students a much deeper understanding of their current project. The Town of Prosper staff provided an engaging hands-on activity that helped the 3rd-grade students put their knowledge into practice. The students are working on a performance task where they are developing a sustainable city on a habitable exoplanet. The city planners gave the students insight on what they might need to include in their city for sustainability.

Prosper ISD would like to thank the town of Prosper staff who participated in the event:

John Webb, Director of Development Services

Robyn Battle, Town Secretary

Alex Glushko, Planning Manager

Scott Ingalls, Senior PlannerStudents pointing at map

Pamela Clark, Planning/GIS Specialist

Evelyn Mendez, Planning Technician

Dan Heischman, Senior Engineer

Emily Busby, Engineer

Paul Naughton, Landscape Architect