Allison Alexander’s Law Enforcement and Courts classes and Amy Viars’ Forensic Science classes were Marshal Wooten speaking to class privileged to have United States Deputy Marshal Trey Wooten from the Eastern Division of Texas come to speak to hundreds of criminal justice students about life as a Federal Law Enforcement Agent. Marshal Wooten has been a Deputy US Marshal, and a previous employee of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, since 1999. A range of topics Marshal Wooten covers are: the different roles a US Marshal has, the hiring process for the Marshal Service, ways to be successful as a high school/college student that will help their chances of being hired by the Marshal Service, and personal stories of things he has experienced on the job. In addition, Marshal Wooten is available to answer any questions students may have that he is qualified and able to answer.

Marshal Wooten brings a charismatic and energetic presentation to the students. He makes time each year to come to speak to the students in these programs. This presentation is so engaging that it is requested by students year after year, and has led many students to change their potential career path to becoming a US Marshal.