As the first semester of senior year comes to an end, seniors across the country finish up their applications for scholarships and schools. Some might come to a decision on which school is right for them, and some might still be undecided.

Tristen Morris, a current Prosper High School student, has come to a final decision on the school she will attend next fall. On Nov. 14, Morris signed to attend Angelo State University at the newly-built Town Hall in Prosper.

Morris gathered family and friends as they all watched her sign her commitment to attend Angelo State University. After playing varsity soccer for Prosper High School for two years and club soccer since she has been four, her talent was recognized at a soccer camp.

“I was playing soccer in a tournament called FC Dallas Showcase and the coach that recruited me actually walked up to the field and was looking at another player,” Miler said. “He did not even know my name but I caught his eye.”

After Morris had been recognized, she followed up with the head coach. Eventually, awarding Morris for her tremendous skill as a soccer player.

“I was actually at their soccer camp and after the camp, we went into the press box to talk with the coach about what he thought about each player,” Morris said. “There he told me that I had earned the scholarship,” she added.

Morris got to visit the university and practiced with the Women’s Angelo State soccer team.

Travis McCorkle, head coach of the soccer department, later called Morris and gave her more details about the scholarship, and gladly accepted.

As any mother would be, Morris’ Mother is extremely proud of her young athlete.

“What’s funny is that she was guest playing for a club team, it was not her regular club coach,” Morris’ Mother mentioned.“We had been looking at a bunch of colleges, she had gone to Tulsa, we were looking at D1, D2, D3 colleges.” she added. “She wasn’t even on the rosters for all the college coaches.”

Morris will be attending Angelo State University next fall to study general business. Morris’ was recognized by a university for her dedication and hardworking momentum, while doing what she loved.