On Sept. 11, a couple of young girls organized a fundraiser for the Prosper Fire Department, with the help of Jennifer Walker and Courtney Reed.

McKenzie Wilson, Anna Stringer, Kelsey Walker, and Kendall Walker all worked together to appreciate and acknowledge the hard work of the Prosper Fire Department.

The girls raised money by setting up lemonade stands around town, as well as making homemade Rice Krispie treats and baked cookies. With the leadership and determination of the young girls, the event was a tremendous accomplishment.

“It was a huge success! Several people gave $20 donations,” said Walker. “Lots of people bought lemonade, cookies, and Rice Krispy treats.”

Although the young girls had a successful day, they did not stop there. On Sept. 18 and Sept. 22 the girls continued their generous actions and raised more money while adding water and Gatorade to their menu, further demonstrating their gratitude for their local fire department will be recognized throughout the Prosper community.

“The girls worked really hard to make signs and they worked really hard to sell lemonade and cookies and Rice Krispie treats. It was a great act of service,” Walker mentioned. “We all had fun going to the store and buying the Gatorade and water to donate to the Prosper Fire Department. They were so thankful and appreciative. We are very thankful for this opportunity of service.”

Fast forward two weeks on Oct. 3, the young leaders personally arrived at the fire department and handed the donations to their local firefighters.

The probability of a fundraiser happening again is possible as Walker mentioned that “The girls would love to do it again,” and that “It was a very positive experience for everyone.”