The Prosper Independent School District Graduate Profile focuses on five pillars: Academic Readiness, Well-Rounded, Honors & Respects Others, Opportunities & Challenges, and Community Involvement. PISD students are consistently encouraged to seek out opportunities to grow in all five (5) of these areas both in and out of school.

The Prosper High School Fashion Design II students were afforded the opportunity to involve their community and create opportunities when they partnered with a local Girl Scouts troop, troop #8002. The troop came to Prosper High School for the Fashion Design II students to share their knowledge and experience while teaching the troop how to cut out patterns, sew, and construct a Kitty Kicker, a toy used by cats.

The troop created several Kitty Kickers with the help of the Fashion Design students. Each of the Kitty kickers was stuffed with Catnip and then donated to Texas Cares, a local animal shelter. To enhance the fun, the Kitty Kickers were all in a decorative Halloween pattern.

The Fashion Design students, led by teacher Dana Walker, are consistently looking for opportunities to engage the community through their art form.