Prosper Independent School District has a published author in our midst. Prosper High School sophomore Hayden Avery Miller recently published her first book entitled “Masquerade” and is already working on completing and publishing her second book.

Miller says that she has always been an avid writer. She remembers her first work in elementary school writing a chapter book with three different chapters. While each chapter only had one paragraph each, she claims, it is still a fond memory for her.

“Masquerade” isn’t quite as “pretty” of a story as her elementary story about a unicorn. The book is about a woman who has just left college and moved into a surprisingly cheap house in her home city. The previous owners have left all of their family belongings in the attic. Because the main character is extremely curious, she decides to look through some pictures she finds. During her search, she realizes that the previous owner’s daughter has been missing for three months. She takes it upon herself to find this little girl.

Even though the publication process was long and tiring, she persevered through the wrong size of the pages and a cover that wasn’t as she had planned to ensure that the book was published. Her next book, a sequel to “Masquerade,” has been completed and is now in the editing process. She is hoping for a publication day in the near future.