Prosper residents filled the new town hall Thursday night, as town officials hosted a public meeting to hear and address concerns from citizens in regards to the town’s plans to expand Coit Road.

The town anticipates having the design completed by the end of August. Current plans show the expansion covering the section of Coit Road from First Street to Frontier Pkwy. The completed road will be four lanes.

“All of our plans we’ve looked at to 2045 show four lanes being enough capacity,” said Pete Anaya, Deputy Director of Engineering Services for Prosper.

In 2014, the town completed construction on the section of Coit Road from U.S. Highway 380 through to First Street. Anaya says this stretch of the road is a good example of what the rest of Coit will look like when completed.

The new section of the road will feature sidewalks, median landscaping including street lights and underground drainage. The majority of the new road will measure at a 120-foot right of way. Each side of the road will also be set at least 12 feet back from existing property lines. In some cases, this distance will be greater due to specific homeowners’ association rules.

There are a couple of areas where the right of way will be narrower, but the width of the lanes will remain the same. To make up for the discrepancy, the engineering team will reduce the median size rather than move the roadway closer to property lines.

“One of the things we’ve taught our designers is that we want to make sure we adhere to our standard parkway at 12 feet,” said Anaya.

The town has expressed its intention to leave existing HOA landscaping in place and unchanged. There is also no reasonable concern that property values will be affected, although this is not something the town says it is able to guarantee.

Several residents in attendance expressed their concerns at the road potentially becoming even larger, engaging directly with Anaya by pressing for more information about any possibility of Coit Road becoming a six lane roadway.

In the event of a future expansion to six lanes, the town would utilize the same strategy of shrinking the medians while maintaining the same total road width. If at any point there is a need to expand into additional land, the town would have the option to negotiate purchasing land from homeowners’ associations. However, it is not anticipated that there will be a need for further expansion anytime soon.

“I want to assure people that we don’t have any alignments out there that show a six lane road being viable until 2045,” said Anaya. “Right now, there’s no need to expand to six lanes for 30 plus years.”

Current analysis shows that the two lane road will be adequate for the next five years, but that traffic will become a significant issue thereafter.

The Coit Road expansion is one of six ongoing projects the town hopes to have shovel-ready soon, meaning that the project design would be 100 percent complete and ready for construction. According to plans, this project is currently 95 percent completed and should be shovel-ready by the end of this month.

Until that time, residents are welcome to complete and submit public comment forms. Additional information can also be accessed at Residents can also reach out to the Town of Prosper engineering department directly.

“I’d love to talk to each individual,” said Anaya.