Out of over 180,000 doodles submitted from 53 states and U.S. territories, Sia Srivastava, a Folsom Elementary School student, was selected as the Texas state winner, as well as one of the top five national finalists in the 10th annual Doodle for Google contest.

After seeing the doodle of last year’s winner, Sia was inspired to start doodling for Google last fall, devoting hours of her time to perfecting her artwork.

“From Thanksgiving to Christmas she worked on different design drafts,” said Ruby Srivastava, Sia’s mother. “It was a really good activity to work on during breaks and over weekends.”

Sia’s doodle, which she titled, “Intergalactic Space Exploration Rollercoaster,” was based on the theme, “What Inspires Me…”

“She loves roller coasters, and she loves NASA,” said Srivastava. “She was Sally Ride for Halloween one year.”

Throughout the drafting process, Sia’s parents encouraged her to create a doodle that reflects her interests in a way that made her feel excited and passionate about her drawing.

“I am very inspired about space travel. I want to explore the galaxy and visit different planets and create a rollercoaster through our universe!” said Sia Srivastava.

The Doodle for Google contest was open to students in Kindergarten through grade 12 throughout all 50 states and three U.S. territories. One finalist was selected from each state and territory. Of the finalists, five were selected as national finalists through a two week public voting period that began on May 7.

As a national finalist, Sia was invited to visit Google’s campus in Mountain View, California. She was also given a $5,000 college scholarship, as well as two Google laptops. During her trip to California, Sia met with Google employees and also toured the Stanford University campus.

“She loved the Google campus when we went in June,” said Ruby Srivastava. “The Google employees were super welcoming.”

To recognize Sia’s accomplishment as a national finalist, she was given the opportunity to present her doodle to the Prosper ISD board.

“It was a huge honor,” said Ruby Srivastava. “Prosper ISD was very supportive.”

As a first time entrant, it was an incredible experience for Sia and the Srivastava family to be chosen by Google. Sia plans to enter the Doodle for Google contest again. As a fifth grader, she will have several opportunities to do so before she completes grade 12.

“I encourage everybody to enter,” said Ruby Srivastava. “It’s a great opportunity and a great company.”

The Srivastava family will mark the beginning of their seventh year as Prosper residents in December.