In 1914 the major headline was about the start of WWI. It was also the year when the first steamboat passed through the Panama Canal and the first scheduled airline flight took place.

It is the time - nearly 104 years ago - when Marguerite Reagan entered the world.

Marguerite grew up in Lampasas County and was the youngest of four children. She married A.J. Reagan, a neighboring farm boy, on Dec. 24, 1932.

The couple relocated to Southern California to begin careers at the Boeing Company. The Reagans lived in Ohio and was transferred back to the So Cal region where they retired. Upon retirement the couple moved back to Lampasas so they could enjoy life near family.

The E-T sat down with Marguerite at Oakwood Assisted Living to discuss her 104th birthday happening on Monday. She was alert during her interview and even laughed when asked certain questions.

1. How does it feel to be 104?

“I feel old, but content”

2. What is the secret to living this long?

“I have always stayed positive and happy in everything I do and I have always tried new things and if I see someone doing something then I will try it at least once. I also try to stay sharp and up to date on things going on.”

3. What one world event stands out?

“When the Hiroshima bomb was dropped on my 31st birthday.”

4. Who is your favorite actress?

“Elizabeth Taylor.”

5. Who is your favorite president?

“Franklin Roosevelt.”

6. Where were you when President Kennedy was assassinated?

“I still don’t like to think about that day. It was an awful, sad day.”

7. What is one standout observation on living to 104?

“The world just keeps coming around and around.”

8. What one invention changed the world?

“Indoor plumbing for the whole country.”