As the start of new school year races ever nearer, the Sherman and Denison independent school districts welcomed new teachers last week as the city’s held their annual new teacher luncheons. In total, the two districts welcomed more than 130 new teachers, coaches, principals and other educators to the area.

“I feel we are going to have an excellent school year,” DISD Superintendent Henry Scott said in an email statement. “Our staff is ready to go. The district had hired a lot of great new people to join DISD’s already outstanding staff, and that everyone is looking forward with excitement to another great and successful school year.”

Here is a look at the new teachers, by the numbers:

90 — The number of new educators hired by SISD this year. This includes teachers, school administrators and principals and other forms of educators, SISD Superintendent David Hicks said. This is down from the 111 that were hired last year, Hicks said, highlighting a focus on retention. “We have a division 1 water polo player, an eagle scout, two taekwondo black belts, a certified USA swim coach, and a former police officer who met her husband while working a crime scene,” Hicks said. ” We have multiple NCAA and NAIA College athletes, three published authors and photographers. What is most powerful is that despite this diversity, they all share one thing in common and that’s to support, encourage, motivate, challenge, guide celebrate and teach our kids.”

50 — Number of sponsors for the Sherman luncheon. Sherman’s event was hosted and held by the Sherman Chamber of Commerce. In total, more than 200 members of the community were present in support of the new teachers, Sherman Chamber President Eddie Brown said.

48 — Number of new teachers in Denison for the 2018-2019 school year. Officials said this is the same number of teachers that were hired for the previous school year.

26 — The number of former SISD students who are returning as teachers for the upcoming school year. “Don’t tell me that our students don’t choose to be teachers because this class is evident that that is not true,” Hicks said.

26 — The number of sponsors for the Denison teachers luncheon on Thursday. The annual event was hosted and held by the Denison Area Chamber of Commerce.

5 — The estimated number of years of experience for the teachers in both districts. Both Sherman and Denison said the teachers have between four and five years of experience on average. Hicks said about half the new teachers with Sherman are brand-new to the career, but some have more than 20 years of experience.