It’s a simple concept, walk in the home side of the Walmart at 4215 Canyon Dr., pick up a prepackaged brown bag at the front of the store, pay for it with your purchases and you’ve helped to support two local charities.

Shop for you, shop for them is the premise behind the brown bags -- called MIP, multi item packages -- waiting to be selected when you enter the home side of the store.

"I'm really big with fundraising and connecting my store with the community," said John Edwards, assistant manager at the Canyon Drive WalMart. "It's a win-win. We get to close a sale and it gives the community a chance to participate in donating to two organizations."

Each bag costs $4-6. This time, the recipients are Amarillo Buckner Children and Family Services and Amarillo Activity Youth Center. Previous donations have supported the Salvation Army, Martha’s Home, Family Support Services, Amarillo Brown Bags and Christ Church Camp of New Beginnings.

"This time I decided to do something different since it is getting close to back to school time," he said. "For the AAYC, hopefully this will fill their closet and their closet is for their art class and it's open to the kids to be able to get school supplies if they need them.

"At Bucker, they have stuff for the younger kids so what they really needed was stuff for high schoolers and kids that are going to college."

“The big thing it means for us is that we can save that budget money for projects and things that come up through the year for kids that come to center,” said Matt Hite, AAYC executive director. “On a regular basis the Walmart on Georgia Street gives us gift cards for small projects and activities we do if we need a little help."

AAYC sees about 350 children with their families a week. They offer a variety of active classes like Tae Kwon Do, fencing, basketball and Zumba. They also offer leadership development classes.

"We're not just for the kids, the whole family is allowed to come in," Hite said. “Every program we have is geared so that the parents and the kids can work together or the parents can go to one class while their kids are in different class."

"We want to make sure they are ready for school in every way shape or form," said Sara Wood, ABCFS coordinator. "(Through this fundraiser) we're working together to fill needs on both ends of businesses and communities."

Wood said they are supporting 50 high school or college aged students this fall.

"I thought it was so cool that they’re a big company in the community that wanted to reach out in this way," she said. "I feel like the best way to make an impact in the community is for organizations to come together and work together.

"And it lets the kids that we serve here know there's people beyond Buckner that care about them and are looking out for their best interests. It makes them feel like they have a chance."

Edwards said he and his associates have supported charities both inside and outside of the store over the past two years since he's been there.

"We've (supported) breast cancer, the American Heart Association and 24 Hours in the Canyon," he said. "As long as I'm able to give, I do. I've seen a lot of people go through different kinds of struggles and you never know when the tables are going to turn and you may be the one on the receiving end."

Edwards, an east-coast native, said his charitable heart really kicked in when his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and succumbed to the disease.

"I can't give one time and walk away, it's become personal," he said. “When you give to somebody in need and you see their appreciation … it really touches you internally.”

Edwards said the fundraiser is only at their location and continues through the end of July.