Billie Mosse Masonic Lodge in Denison recently honored U.S. Attorney Joe Brown with the Community Builder Award.

The Community Builder Award was developed by the Grand Lodge of Texas, and was designed to recognize outstanding individuals.

As members of the lodge gathered, Steve Cherry said the award allows Lodges to “recognize outstanding non-Masons who have distinguished themselves through their service to the community, to the local, state or national government, to their Church or Synagogue, or to humanity.”

Cherry also talked about Brown’s community service, including 17 years as Grayson County Attorney, his service on the Texas Youth Commission and the Texas Juvenile Justice Department Board. Brown was also instrumental in the creation of the Children’s Advocacy Center.

According to the Grand Lodge of Texas, the award “is not necessarily designed to be given only to the obvious leaders of the community, those in the limelight, although they certainly must be considered. Lodges are encouraged to seek out the men and women who, year in and year out, quietly and without fanfare, show their devotion to their community and its people without the expectation of awards or honors.”

Brown thanked the lodge for the honor, and told them he appreciates the work they do in the community.