MCKINNEY — The evolution of grocery shopping has flashed before our very eyes over the last decade. Everything from automated self-checkout machines to online ordering has been implemented in both local and corporate stores across the nation to make shopping more convenient for the customer.

The latest craze has already made its footprint in the DFW community.

Last fall, one of the more popular chain stores, Target, announced it will be offering curbside delivery services, called “Drive Up,” to its customers at select locations. In March, the company announced it will be expanding Drive Up services to locations across the Southeast.

These expansions include the four locations in Frisco and McKinney.

“We’re always looking for ways to make it easier for our guests to get what they need on their terms,” Mike McNamara, Target’s chief information and digital officer said in a story published on Target’s corporate website. “Thanks to investments in our supply chain and digital operations, we’re able to use our stores to fulfill guests’ digital orders with flexibility and speed.”

Target’s new DriveUp feature allows customers to order items through the Target app. Once ordered, employees at the specific location begin preparing the order and send a notification through the app once it is ready. Both an email confirmation and a push notification are sent when the order is ready.

Customers then must select the “I’m on my way” option through the app to alert the store of their arrival time. Upon arrival, customers are to park in the designated parking spaces at the front of the parking lot.

A Target employee will then deliver the order to the parking lot, scanning a barcode with the purchase order number to ensure the correct packages are being delivered. After making sure everything is correct, the customer signs the receipt and is free to go.

A simple service all at the click of button.

The company’s newest service isn’t exactly unique, as Drive Up is similar to that of what competitor Walmart recently began offering. Walmart also gives its shoppers the option to “scan as you go,” to avoid the long lines at the checkout.

While it hasn’t been said whether Target will ever offer this as an option in its stores, all four locations in the Frisco-McKinney areas have said they have already seen a lot of popularity with the new curbside upgrade.

Additionally, Target’s website reports that the service has been gradually growing in popularity, with bulky items such as televisions and cases of water being some of the top purchases.

McNamara hopes to continue to expansion of its services in the near-future.

“With recent success, we’re eager to scale Drive Up and other fulfillment options to more guests in 2018,” McNamara said.