Stephenville ISD is considering two campus carry plans, the Marshal Plan and the Guardian Plan. Here is a comparison of the two methods that were passed by the Texas Legislature in 2013.

The Marshal Plan - To provide certification for educators, enabling them to possess and carry a handgun. The plan allows educators to act as armed security officers and pseudo peace officers in the absence of law enforcement.

80 hours by TCOLE licensed instructor (mostly classroom)

75 percent live fire qualification required

Includes arrest procedures and laws

Focuses on security/law enforcement duties

Has strict state requirements and rules

Handgun must be in locked container

Must use dangerous frangible ammo

Non-customizable training plan

Must go to TCOLE approved Police Academy for training;

Designed to use teachers/employees as security personnel with added liability.

The Guardian Plan - To provide students and faculties an armed self defense option prior to the arrival of law enforcement in the event of an active shooter or “active killer” on campus. Also called School Safety Training.

16 hours of training by licensed and certified instructors

Stricter 90 percent required live fire qualification and simulation training

Dealing with safely stopping active shooter only

Can be personal to student and district

District/schools establish policies and rules

In-house or On-site training

Design for protecting students from an active shooter prior to law enforcement arrival.

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