The Denison Independent School District Education Foundation awarded $12,267 in classroom grants at Monday night’s board meeting. Eight monetary awards were given out to help provide funding for classroom projects, which are meant to encourage and reward educators for innovative and enhanced teaching efforts.

The DEF is a nonprofit organization that was established in 1997 for the purpose of providing funding for innovative and enhanced programs and projects that go beyond the normal operational budget of the Denison ISD. DEF Executive Director Lisa Crawley explained the money for the grants come from a combination of fundraisers and gifts from local foundations, businesses and individuals.

“Our community is very generous when it comes to our schools and kids,” Crawley said. “To date, DEF has distributed over $780,000 to Denison schools in grants for programs and projects, which have impacted the lives of all Denison ISD students. DEF has also awarded over $412,000 in scholarships, making a total of over $1 million put back into our school district.”

Here is a look at the 2018 grants that were awarded and their impact on Denison ISD:

Developing Fraction Sense with Hands-On Learning — This $2,000 grant was awarded to all fifth grade classes at DenisonISD to help provide hands-on ways to learn about fractions. Fifth Grade Math Curriculum Coordinator Toni Nunn was the applicant for this grant.

Alternative seating for more focused learning — This $1,859 grant was awarded to Houston Elementary to provide a seating option that maximizes learning and focus in the classroom. Lisa Cobble was the applicant for this grant.

Healthy minds — This $885 grant was awarded to Lamar Elementary with the purpose of educating students in the health sciences. Jennifer Dawson was the applicant for this grant.

Utilizing Busy Bee Bots to bolster brainpower — This $1,150 grant was awarded to the district library coordinator to provide a specialized robot for young students to learn math skills. Mindi McGehee was the applicant for this grant.

Full STEAM ahead — This $469 grant was awarded to Terrell Elementary to provide science, technology, engineering, arts and math sets, designed to help students engage in experimental learning. Jodie Maresh was the applicant for this grant.

Building vibrant vocabularies — This $1,944 grant was awarded to Lamar Elementary to purchase electronic dictionaries for third and fourth grade students. Deanna Ross and Angie Garner were the applicants for this grant.

Lego Mindstorms Robotics — This $1,960 grant was awarded to B. McDaniel Intermediate to start a computer science program using Lego Mindstorm, which engages students in using plastic blocks to construct a robot, a truck or a machine to solve a problem. Elena Kinghorn was the applicant for this grant.

Improving the learning environment atmosphere — This $1,944 grant was awarded to Denison High School to improve the lighting in classrooms. The applicants for this grant were Stephanie Daniel and Steve O’Steen.