PROSPER — The Prosper School District plans to host an informational concussion workshop at Prosper High School on Wednesday, April 18 in the PHS Arena. The goal of the meeting is to inform parents on the dangers of head injuries and how Prosper ISD plans to handle the injury should their athlete be diagnosed.

“Our goal is to educate them on the true impact of concussions and to help them make an education decision for their child,” Prosper Athletic Director Valerie Little said.

The meeting will be led by two prominent figures in the Prosper sports medicine community.

Michael Henry, LAT, ATC, is a licensed and certified athletic trainer. He is also the head athletic trainer for Prosper ISD, and will be discussing what happens when an athlete has a suspected concussion, as well as the principles of Natasha’s Law and the Prosper ISD Concussion Protocol.

Dr. Scott Burkhart, Psy.D is a neuropsychologist at the Andrews Institute Children’s Health and the designated team concussion doctor for Prosper Sports Medicine.

Aside from the presentations, the meeting will give parents and attendees the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about concussions and how they can help their child if they are suspected of a head injury.

With so many new discoveries being uncovered each and every year regarding head injuries, Little said it is important for parents to be and informed as possible.

“Concussion symptoms can range from mild to serious and parents need to know what to watch for in their own children,” she said. “Early detection and proper treatment will ensure our PISD student athletes recover as efficiently and safely as possible.”

“Educating parents on awareness of concussion signs and symptoms will help us tremendously in the overall care of our student athletes,” she added.

With so many misconceptions surrounding head injuries, the staff at PISD want to make sure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to treating any possibility of the injury. While to goal of the meeting is to prepare and inform parents of the severity, it also aims to settle any uncertainties that parents may have.

“It is very important for parents to do their own research from credible sources, but we also want them to hear from our PISD Athletic Trainer so that they can learn what to expect for their children’s age, not just professional athletes,” Little said. “We want them to know the immediate restrictions imposed on our students athletes in both the classroom and in athletics till they are completely cleared. Additionally, we are hoping to east any of the fears with education and fact.”

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