Chopsticks, yes, I said chopsticks. It was one of those days where you have a craving for some good old fashioned wok cooked, fried rice, Chinese food. With that craving in mind, I made my way down to the Rice Pot Express in Prosper TX.

For a small store front place, it was booming with both dine-in guests and a large call in to go clientele. I read over the menu while waiting to order. If I had one complaint about the Rice Pot Express, it would be there were so many great items on the menu, I had a tough time trying to decide what I wanted.

Finally, with my mind made up, I began with an appetizer of steamed dumplings — these come in fried also.

They were soft and cooked perfectly. I also ordered the edamame beans, a boiled and salted soy bean. They were quite a treat because very few places offer them on their menu and as a bonus, these were extremely tasty. Entrée time, I ordered the Moo Goo Gai Pan, a soft chicken with cabbage, snap beans and zucchini.

My second entrée was an order of Spicy Orange Chicken. Amazing, pan seared chicken with fresh oranges and chili peppers. I tip my chef’s hat, off to the kitchen staff, fast, friendly, large portions and everything was cooked with taste in mind.

While eating I got an opportunity to meet with some of the patrons coming in for their to-go orders. One regular, Brandy Horton, says she frequents the place several times a month. This evening, she had picked up tacos for dinner, but her teen daughter convinced her that they preferred the Rice Pot Express.

“I got tacos on the way home, but my daughters asked for Rice Pot,” Horton said. “I was going to eat the tacos when I got home. It looks like I’ll be ordering a few spring rolls to go with those tacos.”

The Rice Pot Express has been open for ten years in the Prosper location, with a other local locations in Frisco and McKinney.

Until you can make it out to the Rice Pot Express at one of their many locations, here is a simple home recipe to add a little flair to your next dish

Fried Rice

½ pound white rice

3 tablespoons soy sauce

1 bag frozen mixed veggies of choice

3 eggs

Cook rice per direction. In a skillet on medium heat, soft scramble eggs. When eggs are almost done, add rice, veggies and soy sauce, stirring regularly, until everything is cooked and browned. Season to taste. Ready to serve. For a kick, add your favorite meat, shrimp, chicken or sausage to make a meal out of this side item.